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Step 3: Develop and prioritize your learning questions

Bravo on making it to Step 3 of Responsive Feedback!

Resources needed for Step 3:

Resources needed for Step 3: You need to complete the two columns “Learning Questions” and “Prioritizing Learning Questions” in your Learning Agenda (Worksheet 2). You should continue to work from the Worksheet you downloaded during Step 2.

What is a “learning question”?

A “learning question” is a particular, specific question that can let us explore our assumptions.

You can think of it as an area that you want to know more. Hear me explain.

Learning question is a must-have if you want to improve your program or field implementation through Responsive Feedback. Here is why. 

What is the most important thing to consider as you develop your learning questions? Emeka shares his advice below.

To learn more about learning questions:

(1) Review pages 21-27 of the Step-by-step guide – it provides you with examples of general learning questions you could ask;
(2) Download and review Reading 3 (pdf), an additional resource with practical examples to help you develop your own learning questions.

What exactly are you expected to do for Step 3? 

  • “Which sections do I need to complete for Step 3 in my Learning Agenda?” 
  • “Do I have to develop one learning question for each step of my activity?” 
  • “How do I actually prioritize once I have developed multiple learning questions?”

If you are wondering about such questions, make sure you watch my video message below to get a walk-through of how to complete Step 3

Got questions about this step of Responsive Feedback or its related resources? Share with me and your peers in the comments below.

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