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How can I best use Responsive Feedback in my work?

Congratulations on having practiced the five steps of Responsive Feedback!

Watch my personal message to you below to find out why you should start taking action today to use Responsive Feedback to improve your work.

So, what are the immediate next steps you can take, today? I’d like to share some practical ideas with you below:

You may wonder, “Do I need to go through Steps 1-5, in the order as they are, every time I want to use Responsive Feedback?”

The answer is “Not necessarily”.

Depending on the nature of your intervention or field implementation, you may not have to adopt all elements of Responsive Feedback right away.

You can adapt and use certain elements of Responsive Feedback in the best way you see fit.

However, there are critical elements you should not miss if you wish to have successful Responsive Feedback. 

Hear me explain below what I think these critical elements are:

Which step(s) of Responsive feedback do you find valuable? How do you plan to use it in your work going forward?  Comment below.

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