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Responsive Feedback: a framework for continuous improvement

If we keep learning, we keep improving.

This Quick Introduction to Responsive Feedback module has been developed by The Curve Consortium, in partnership with The Geneva Learning Foundation.

This course is free and accessible for all, whether you are new to Responsive Feedback or wish to enhance your existing knowledge. This course will help you to use and adapt elements of Responsive Feedback in your current and future work to improve program outcomes.

This course will introduce the CURVE process (the five steps of Responsive Feedback), developed by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and taught with practice-based evidence from global practitioners. 

In this online module, you will learn how to:

  • Use the key steps and tools of Responsive Feedback; and
  • Determine if and how Responsive Feedback is helpful in continuous improvement of a real-world intervention (while still in the field).

The Responsive Feedback approach is premised on using foresight and learning to iterate programs for better results. When we interrogate assumptions in our Theory of Change, and embrace course-correction, we can increase impact in development programs.

This self-service, eLearning course will demonstrate how you can use timely feedback to effectively respond to field realities and iterate your programs, whilst they are live.