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Step 4: Identify methods and resources needed to answer your learning question

 Good questions need good answers.

Now that you have defined your learning question, you need to find the right evidence to answer it.

In Step 4 you will learn how to identify appropriate methods and resources to answer your learning question.

Resources needed for Step 4:

(1) Complete the remaining columns in your Learning Agenda (Worksheet 2).
(2) Review pages 28-34 of the Step-by-step guide – it provides you with a list of different methods and sources you could potentially use to answer your learning questions.
(3) Download and review Reading 4 (pdf), below. This is an additional resource with practical examples to help you identify methods and resources needed.

How do you know what types of methods to choose?

Here is a quick way to find out. 

How do you know if you have chosen the right methods and resources to answer your learning question?

In his video message below, Emeka shares a thought process to help you.

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