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A welcome from Professor Vish Viswanath

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, co-developer of the Responsive Feedback approach

Hello, my name is Vish Viswanath.

I am a professor at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health and I am the co-creator of the Responsive Feedback approach. 

I’m excited that you are joining this module. Watch my video message below to find out why.

Together with my colleagues Dr. Rachel McCloud and Emeka Emmanuel Okafor, we will be your personal guides throughout this module. 

You can learn more about Rachel and Emeka in their personal video messages to you below. 

Meet Rachel and Emeka

Dr. Rachel McCloud has worked side by side with me almost right from the beginning when the Responsive Feedback approach was created. She has played a key role in helping others like you to use Responsive Feedback to improve what they do. 

To meet her, watch the personal video message she has prepared for you below.

Emeka Emmanuel Okafor will be your third personal guide throughout this module. 

  1. As a seasoned public health practitioner from Nigeria, Emeka has used Responsive feedback in his own work and has a lot of practical insights to share with you. 
  2. The insights he will share will be based on a specific project he is leading. Find out what it is in his welcome message to you below. 
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