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Download and review the key resource on Responsive Feedback

To begin, you should download and review the “Step by step in-depth guidance to embedding responsive feedback in your program”. This Step-by-Step guide (pdf) is your key learning resource in this module.

Click image to download

Hello everyone, this is Rachel. I’m here to help you practice the five steps of Responsive Feedback. 

Hear me explain in the video below why the guide is worth your time and how it can help you in practicing Responsive Feedback.

  • The guide is concise and to the point. It will take you 25-45 minutes to read. 
  • If you are short on time, review at least pages 1-9 today. 
  • Later in the module, you will be asked to complete activities using this resource
  • Reviewing it now will help save you lots of time later on.

Once you have reviewed the step-by-step guide, share with me and your peers in the comments below:

  1. Are there sections that you do not understand at this stage?
  2. Conversely, are there sections which you can already see how to use in your work?
  3. Did anything in the guide surprise you?
  4. What questions or comments would you like to ask me at this stage? 
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